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Veterans Affairs Resources

If you are not yet a patient at VA, please sign up. It's easy! Click HERE to apply.

  • Veteran Stand Down Events across the nation

  • VA Resources for gender and sexual minority Veterans

  • Every VA Medical Center is required to have at least one LGBTQ+ Veteran Care Coordinator.

    • Click HERE to find your facility Veteran Care Coordinator (VCC). 

    • VCCs are managed, appointed, and overseen by the Facility Director (Sometimes called CEO or Executive Director).

    • VCCs have dual reporting chains of command: the first is to the facility director, the second is to the VISN  VCC lead (see below).

    • Not all Veteran Care Coordinators are full time. For many, being the LGBTQ+ VCC is collateral duty and they are only allotted a few hours per week to be the facility VCC. So, please be kind to them. They are likely very very passionate about their work as a VCC but are usually swamped with their regular job requirements too.

  • The VA divides the nation into 18 Veterans Integrated Services Networks (VISNs).

    • These are administrative regions that include a number of  VA Medical facilities within each VISNs authority. Each VISN has a VISN level LGBTQ+ Veteran Care Coordinator who is over the local VCCs, but not fully. 

  • VA also has a national Transgender Care Coordinator

    • This person works with the VA's National LGBTQ+ Veteran Care Coordinator both of whom work for the National LGBTQ+ Program Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director.

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