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Help us fight for our veterans and their Families.

Kevin Roberts of The Heritage Foundation says some Americans ARE NOT protected under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. This includes transgender Americans, LGB+ Americans, racial and ethnic Americans, any minority. If your identities can, in their eyes, threaten Americans 1st Amendment rights, then they will ERASE and DELETE all references to you. 

Today, transgender and diverse veterans and their families are facing threats from all quarters. The biggest threat of all is The Heritage Foundation's Project 2025. If a conservative wins the presidency in November of 2024, then, according to the President of Heritage, Dr. Kevin Roberts, they will ERASE, DELETE, and EXCISE from the entire federal enterprise ALL references to ALL minorities from every rule, policy, regulation, agency, department, and grant. Roberts also says that we are not protected by the US Constitution. 

We need your help to bring the horrors of Project 2025 to the American public. They've put $22 million toward this project. So, dig deep. This is not time to hold back. Help us in this fight.


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